The Voice of HKSEC Challengers

The Voice of HKSEC Challengers

96% of the respondents believed that Social Enterprise is a way to make changes to the society.

The above figure came from 77 responses received from a questionnaire distributed to HKSEC past participants collecting their feedback and tracing their development after joining HKSEC. Most of them went through the First Round.

After joining HKSEC, most of the Challengers joined SE related activities and trainings or took SE related jobs. Among them 83% agreed that SEs make use of innovative business models to provide social services.

In terms of capacity building, Challengers showed greater confidence in developing new entrepreneurial ideas. Comparatively they are less confident in performing financial analysis.

The top-4 issues that the respondents thought to be the difficulties in establishing an SE startups are: Operating Cost, Tenancy, Seeking Loans / Fundraising, and Building a co-operation network / seeking partnership.

The top-3 measures that the respondents thought to be effective in supporting to establish an SE startup are: Joining a mentorship programme, Forming an experience sharing platform with peers, and Setting up an exchange platform among past HKSEC participants.

In terms of satisfactory level of HKSEC, 74% of respondents indicated that they are “Very Satisfied” (21%) or “Satisfied” (53%) with the programme. 95% mentioned that they would recommend HKSEC to friends.