Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will be the submission deadline for First Round documents?

    The submission deadline for First Round documents is 22 November 2017 (Wed) at midnight 23:59:59pm. Late submission will NOT be accepted.

  • Can I write the plan in English and present in Chinese at Semi-Final and Grand Final stage?

    Yes, if you think it helps you to express your idea better.

  • What is the format of the executive summary and appendix?

    It should be under 5 pages including appendix, saved in Microsoft Word (2003 version or earlier) or Acrobat PDF format, and written in either English or Chinese. You are encouraged to use the "Summary Template" as the prescribed form for submission of First Round documents.

  • What should be the name of my submission file?

    Please combine all the documents to one file and rename your file to a format "team number". For example, if your team number is 190, your submitted document will be named as 190.doc or 190.pdf.

  • How can I submit the First Round documents?

    through our website AND by email to

  • Can I change my project name?

    Yes. You may finalize your project name at the First Round stage. Please send a notification to regarding such a change.

  • Can I add / change team members?

    Yes. You may add or change team members with no more than 50% changes in original team composition before the Semi-Final booklet production.

  • Is it compulsory to have Faculty Advisor? What should I do if all our teammates are graduated?

    Yes, it is compulsory. For graduated contestants, you may find your previous professor / lecturer / instructor as your Faculty Advisor.

  • What are the duties of a Faculty Advisor?

    The faculty advisor serves to confirm the eligibility of the team members and the integrity of their business plan. Ideally they should be a teaching staff (e.g. Professor, lecturer, instructor, etc.) of the tertiary institution, who may advise the team on idea inception, venture plan development, conducting market research, recruiting strategic partners, etc.

  • Is it necessary for a Faculty Advisor to be a Professor?

    No. You may also find your lecturer or instructor to be your Faculty Advisor.

  • How can I submit the Faculty Advisor form?

    You may login to the online platform to download the Faculty Advisor form. Please submit the completed form via the platform or send it to on or before 22 November 2017 (Wed). However, if you still cannot find a Faculty Advisor for your group before deadline, you may submit the First Round documents first and submit the Faculty Advisor form later.

  • Does my plan need to be technology related?