Results of HKSEC 2007


Hand-by-Hand Laundry
Planadol Catering

Awards for Grand Final

Best Presentation : Schoolala Academy
Best Social Mission : Planadol Catering

Four Finalist Teams

Hand-by-Hand Laundry
Planadol Catering
Energy Saving Billboard System for Hong Kong
Schoolala Academy

Award For Semi Final

Division A

Best Presentation: EQC (Empresa que Cuida)
Best Written Plan: Life Giving Fountain
Honorable Mention: Life Giving Fountain

Division B

Best Presentation: Children with Future
Best Written Plan: Creatist (Recycler)
Honorable Mention: Children With Future

Division C

Best Presentation: De-ageing the Aged
Best Written Plan: LUSU Co-op
Honorable Mention: De-ageing the Aged

Division D

Best Presentation: BUHRM
Best Written Plan: 「創」業「傷」鷹 (ESTARS)
Honorable Mention: 「創」業「傷」鷹 (ESTARS)

16 Semi Final Teams

Children With Future Life Giving Fountain
Creatist (Recycler) LOVE (Green Express 健康速遞)
De-ageing the Aged LUSU Co-op
Energy Saving Billboard System for Hong Kong Massage Pro
EQC (Empresa que Cuida) Planadol Catering
「創」業「傷」鷹 (ESTARS) Schoolala Academy
Hand-by-Hand Laundry VTEAM