Results of HKSEC 2008


Green Collar (綠領)
Tailored-Care (德思托兒)

Awards for Grand Final

Best Presentation : Green Collar (綠領)
Best Social Mission : Able-Learning Society (越障會)

Four Finalist Teams

Able-Learning Society (越障會)
B. Utopia (縫紉烏托邦)
Green Collar (綠領)
Tailored-Care (德思托兒)

Award For Semi Final

Division A

Best Presentation: Able-Learning Society (越障會)
Best Written Plan: Green Ignition (綠色火)
Honorable Mention: T-Bridge (茶橋之旅)

Division B

Best Presentation: Tailored-Care(德思托兒)
Best Written Plan: Tailored-Care(德思托兒)
Honorable Mention: Along with U (與你同行)

Division C

Best Presentation: Vibrant Youngster (健康"動"樑)
Best Written Plan: One Web One Dream
Honorable Mention: One Web One Dream

Division D

Best Presentation: Green Collar (綠領)
Best Written Plan: BabyHands: Baby Knitwears
Honorable Mention: BabyHands: Baby Knitwears

16 Semi Final Teams

Able-Learning Society (越障會) Green Ignition (綠色火)
Along with U (與你同行) MetroPlateau (城原)
B. Utopia (縫紉烏托邦) One Web One Dream
BabyHands: Baby Knitwears RENATA (維納他)
Bartering (以物換物) T-Bridge (茶橋之旅)
BOARD-EX (博易) Tailored-Care (德思托兒)
Giving Back Vibrant Youngster (健康"動"樑)
Green Collar (綠領) Virtual Depression Hospital (心晴空間)