Results of HKSEC 2009


Inter Cultural Education
True Colours

Awards for Grand Final

Best Presentation : HO'me for Seniors
Best Social Mission : HK+1

Six Finalist Teams

Chef Express - 廚神速遞
HO'me for Seniors
Inter Cultural Education
True Colours

Award For Semi Final

Group A

Best Presentation: Cedars - YANA Design
Best Written Plan: Affordable Pregnancy Care Centre
Honorable Mention: 生命拼圖 Puzzle of Life

Group B

Best Presentation: Cultural Tour
Best Written Plan: 源藝館
Honorable Mention: The Green Intelligence - Step One

Group C

Best Presentation: Collector
Best Written Plan: Pivot
Honorable Mention: Mouthful of Love - 溢愛

Group D

Best Presentation: Inter Cultural Education
Best Written Plan: GreenE
Honorable Mention: 綠頂記

24 Semi Final Teams

Affordable Pregnancy Care Centre Light of Security
Cedars - YANA Design Mouthful of love - 溢愛
Chef Express - 廚神速遞 Pivot
Collector The Green Integelligence - Step One
Cultural Tour True Colours
Delicious Wheel of Life
Green Wonder 生命拼圖 Puzzle of Life
GreenE 渺太太 (Mrs Soup)
Happy Panda Flying Eagle Company 給千歲的「千歲樓」
HK+1 源藝館
HO'me for Seniors 綠頂記
Inter Cultural Education 環保回收 - "紙"因有你