Results of HKSEC 2010


ATB Auto Art
家友 (JoinYou)

Awards for Grand Final

Best Presentation : 家友 (JoinYou)
Best Social Mission : 8765 - Preventing the Preventables

Six Finalist Teams

8765 - Preventing the Preventables
ATB Auto Art
Care Watch
Happy Tree Friends
家友 (JoinYou)
Yell & Kick

Award For Semi Final

Group A

Best Presentation: 8765 - Preventing the Preventables
Best Written Plan: 8765 - Preventing the Preventables

Group B

Best Presentation: Care Watch
Best Written Plan: Care Watch

Group C

Best Presentation: Happy Tree Friends
Best Written Plan: BatterFly

Group D

Best Presentation: Yell & Kick
Best Written Plan: 家友 (JoinYou)

24 Semi Final Teams

8765 - Preventing the Preventables Project Fashion Garage
Apparel Design for the handicapped PUSH: The Virtual Community Hub
ATB Auto Art ShareK
ButterFly Social Scientist
Care Watch Synergy Makes Perfect
CaterCare Thread Story (手中線)
Eldren Trilogy Internet Education
Hand in Hand U-Need
Happy Tree Friends We reward. You save the WORLD!
HerbOld Yell & Kick
iNFiNiTY8 小團大愛 (Small i Love)
NearCare 家友 (JoinYou)