Events & Key Dates

Events & Key Dates

We believe all students have the potential to become successful social entrepreneur. Various activities will be held to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed for HKSEC. Trainings will be provided through a series of social entrepreneurial seminars, workshops and an online self-learning platform. Participants can also exchange ideas and interact with executives from the commercial sector at our networking events.

HKSEC 2017 - 18 Events and Key Dates


23 Sep (Sat)

HKSEC 2017 - 18 Inauguration Ceremony

4 Sep - 20 Oct

Briefing Sessions

26 Oct (Thu)

Enrollment Deadline

4 Nov (Sat)

Training Workshop 1 - Social Innovation Daycamp

11 Nov (Sat)

Mixer Gathering 1

22 Nov (Wed)

First Round Document Submission Deadline

6 Dec (Wed)

First Round Results Announcement

16 - 17 Dec (Sat - Sun)

Training Workshop 2: Integrated Skills Training

Mixer Gathering 2

Late Dec

1-to-1 Business Coaching Session for Semi Final Teams


8 Jan (Mon)

Semi Final Document Submission Deadline

13 Jan (Sat)

Presentation Rehearsal

24 Feb (Sat)

Semi Final Presentation

17 Mar (Sat)

Grand Final Presentation cum Award Ceremony

28 Apr (Sat)

Mixer Gathering 3 – Finalists Meetup after Competition