Since 2007, the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC), a social venture plans competition organized by the Center for Entrepreneurship of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, has been at the frontier in educating students and the general public about social enterprises in Hong Kong. Through a structured competition model, HKSEC encourages students to employ a creative entrepreneurial approach to solve real world social issues.

HKSEC is the foremost inter-collegiate social venture plans competition in Hong Kong. More than 6,000 students from 27 institutions have had the opportunities to showcase their creative ideas and desire of being a change agent in our society by joining this competition. They have generated over 1,000 business ideas for social enterprise.

The Framework

Our mission is to generate innovative and practical social enterprise ideas through engagement of multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional teams and to encourage young people to implement their ideas. By providing a series of motivation activities, seminars and training workshops, HKSEC 2016 will continue to strengthen the participants to understand social issues from a social entrepreneurial perspective to solve the real world issues, and to demonstrate social responsibility. To develop business plans for a social enterprise with financial sustainability, the participants have to be creative and their ideas will be sharpened in different competition stages by the professional advice and comments from the mentors and judges.

HKSEC has been evolving into a hub connecting social entrepreneurial education, training and implementation for young, passionate students and alumni in Hong Kong. The framework of HKSEC 2016 includes five elements of developing social entrepreneurship through (1) Education, (2) Competition, (3) Implementation, (4) Community Building and (5) Knowledge Management. Each element is connected and accompanied with relevant activities to accomplish the mission of creating more social ventures in Hong Kong. You may find more details about the competition here.