Startup Award

Each member of the two Champion and 1st Runner-up Teams will be offered a Startup Award that will help him or her implement the first phase of the team's social enterprise plan. Under the Startup Award Scheme, each member of the Champion teams will receive a cash award up to a maximum of HKD$60,000, while members of 1st Runner-up teams will receive a maximum of HK$30,000 each, provided they complete service to implement the team's plan under the mentorship of an executive from a business or an NGO designated by the Organizer (the "Mentor"), on part-time or full-time basis. It is important to note that:

  • The teams will need to pledge the commitment of at least two members of the team to implement the plan as the condition for receiving the prize and the award money.
  • Each member of the winning teams who helps the implementation will receive a Startup Award by six installments Disbursal of the prize money is conditional on achieving previously agreed milestones as determined by a mentor who will be assigned to each of the winning team. Those members who do not participate in their plan's roll-out will not receive any award money.
  • In the event that the winning team is unable to take on the Startup Award, the HKSEC task force will have the right to transfer the Startup Award to another team.