Environmental Friendly

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Issues / Problems

  1. The killing of healthy reptiles for their rare and exotic skin is common in undeveloped countries. We have to stop the purchase of these products and educate the public about protecting reptiles.
  2. The misunderstanding about reptiles causing deadly attacks when reptiles come into contact with people.
  3. When pets die, their owners will miss them. So owners might be looking for something to remind them of their beloved pets.

Our Aims

  1. Educate the public to understand more about reptiles. Prevent undesired accidents
by misunderstanding reptiles. 

  2. Spread Social awareness to stop killing healthy reptiles and discourage the public from purchasing exotic skin

  3. Reintroduce the beauty of reptiles and their natural peels - the reuse and reproduction of their peel with design would
showcase the possibilities of eco‐friendly products. 

  4. Custom design allows the owners to remind themselves of their reptiles. 

  5. Allow people with intellectual disability to be employed to produce our products with our simplified design. 

  6. Donate part of our income for the environmental protection of reptiles. 

Current Market Status

For common pets like cats and dogs, there are already products. However, we see a gap in the market for reptiles. In fact, we often receive requests from the owners of reptiles to make a custom design with reptile peels. Our product helps reptile owners to recall the memory of their pet by letting people look at and carry their reptile’s patterns.

Team Leader

BUT Man Kei (PolyU)

Team Member

CHAN Ming Shu (PolyU)

LUO Jiang Tu (PolyU)

TAM Chak Ming (PolyU)

​Faculty Advisor
Mr. CHAN Kai Ching, Patrick (PolyU)