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Youth, Minority Integration, Education

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“START on Stage” is a therapeutic theatre which provides “Special Therapeutic Arts Rehabilitation Training (START)” services for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Our services are innovative and have a strong social mission.

We integrate rehabilitation and performing arts. Our aim is empowering SEN students to perform onstage and providing backstage support, enhancing their self-efficacy and promoting equal opportunities in the community.

Enhancing wellbeing

Our services include individual and group training, which are all tailor-made and integrative. We add value to traditional therapies and are unique when compared with other typical interest classes. We enhance students’ body-mind-spirit, wellbeing, confidence, attitude, communication, performing skills and knowledge. Students can express their feelings and maximize potential talents through the creations of art, dance, speech, drama, music and lyrics. We empower them to actualize their dreams, to be appreciated and to SHINE ON STAGE.

Committed professionals 

Our team consists of artists, trainers and healthcare professionals, including physiotherapist, speech therapist, expressive arts therapist, counselor and behavioral health specialists. Our specialized therapists are well-trained in providing assessment and integrative treatment for students. Our team is experienced in performing, teaching and organizing events. Students can showcase their talents in various art forms, including choir, drama, wheelchair dance, writing songs, writing scripts or making props. Students will have the chance to perform in joint-school activities and public platforms, and promote equal opportunities.

Our logo represents people with different disabilities and special needs. Through rehabilitation training and stage performances, they will acquire skills and knowledge to live a colorful life.

Team Leader

WONG Wing See (HKU)

Team Member

LEE Ka Lun (HKU)

SHUM Kit Nam (HKU)

WONG Tsz Cheung (HKU)

YU Pui Wa (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. HO Tin Hung (HKU)