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Transfriendly - transforms the travelling experience of the visually impaired

In Hong Kong, there is little adaptive equipment to aid the mobility of the visually impaired.  To get by, the visually impaired hold up a self-made sign with the bus number and rely on bus drivers or other passengers for help.  Therefore, Transfriendly aims to assist the visually impaired to regain an active role in taking transportation.

Our enterprise is pleased to announce the development of a revolutionary system, which assists the visually impaired to take buses.  This is now possible through a groundbreaking combination of the local bus companies’ mobile apps, plus a smart white cane with enhanced functions.

The smart cane is no ordinary cane.  It comes with a specially designed device attached to the handle. When the mobile app is paired with the smart cane, they can synchronize.

Operating the products could not be simpler.  Our users merely input the bus route on the app or cane and the system connects with the transmitter on the bus. Transfriendly then alerts our users when the bus arrives.  Transfriendly also informs the users about the next stops during the journey.

Our future plan is to extend Transfriendly to other transportation, and serve visually impaired from other cities in Mainland China.

The visually impaired have the right to be included socially.  We hope to start with transportation — a simple but challenging daily task.  We also hope Transfriendly can reintegrate the visually impaired into society and raise awareness about their needs.

Team Leader

CHAU Yin Chi (CityU)

Team Member

HUI Wing Sum (CityU)

TSE Pui Yee, Eva (CityU)

CHAN Ka Lee (CityU)

NGAI Lok Yi (CityU)

​Faculty Advisor
Mr. MA Kam Wah (CityU)