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In this world where financial knowledge is minimal, costs are rising and financial resources are shrinking, the villain—Financial Ignorance—reigns. A 2012 survey by Visa ranked Hong Kong 24th out of 27 top economies in terms of the financial capabilities of its youth.

There is a huge need to help students better manage their money to cope with spiraling debts. Even though many training programs have tried to rescue students from the grasps of Financial Ignorance, they’re just not working.

The world is waiting for a new kind of hero.

One social platform will rise to the rescue, CASHIFY!

Cashify combines education and entertainment to teach students to manage their money more effectively. Our sustainable and innovative model will empower students through in-person workshops and online games. Journeying through a series of campus-specific workshops and games in a parallel online world, heroes-in-the-making will track personal finances and THUMP financial villains!

Students are rewarded with POINTS to upgrade workshop and game features, gift to real-world charities, and purchase tickets to exciting events. Example events include celebrities who will share their secrets to achieve financial victory.

A lack of financial knowledge, particularly in disadvantaged communities, causes ill-informed decisions, unnecessary debt, higher default rates and an undue burden on our society. Cashify aims to SMASH this vicious cycle via edutainment!

In alliance with local institutions, Cashify Academy launches this April to empower future financial superheroes!

Team Leader

CHEN Shuonan (CUHK)

Team Member

CHU Wing Sze, Ceslia (CUHK)

Yuen Ka Yi, Winnie (CUHK)


Faculty Advisor
Prof. DONALD David (CUHK)