Happy Farm

Environmental Friendly

Web Site: www.happyfarmsunshine.hk

Something is missing from where you live or work.  But you might not even know what it is.  That’s because our city of glass and concrete lacks an agricultural concept and food safety issues.  That’s why we want to bring Aquaponics into everyone’s school, office and home!

An escape to the countryside is often regarded as too much of an effort.  However, Aquaponics is a new way for a taste of farming and has the potential to become wildly popular.  So wherever you live or work, growing your own vegetables can now be a reality and hobby for everyone to enjoy, especially the elderly.  You can choose from a large scale or home scale farm.  So it’s easy to see how an Aquaponics farm can cultivate an agricultural concept in Hong Kong and propagate organic and safe food.

Aquaponics works because it’s a sustainable farming system that combines fishing and growing vegetables!  There are large scale and home scale forms for you to choose from.  Some of our farms will be reserved for the elderly and volunteers to grow and sell organic products.  The rest will be rented out.  We will invite schools and community groups to join weekend workshops at very affordable rates.  We will also promote and sell Aquaponics and related products to schools, offices and homes.

You’ll find that we have many activities and competitions planned for people to join.  In the long run, we even hope to open an Aquaponic café!

Team Leader

Team Member
SUN Wai Han (CUHK​)

HO Ching Hang (CUHK​)

LI Wing Tung (CUHK​)

RUAN Shaoshuai (CUHK​)

Faculty Advisor

Mr. NGAI Francis (CUHK​)