HeArt Expresso

Public Health

Web Site: http://www.heartexpresso.hk/

Our mission:

“Through art we express our hearts;

Through art we change the way people see the world. ”

Mental illness is much more common than you think.  Would it surprise you that more than 450 million people around the world suffer from mental disorder?  In Hong Kong, the figures are even more worrying.  Around 30% of our population suffers from some form of mental illness – some of these being stress induced. Hong Kong ranked 84 among 131 countries in the Gross National Happiness Index, and 39% of employees rated their work stress as "high" to "very high".

Unfortunately, many people still view mental illness as a taboo.  An even more alarming picture emerges when we find that less than 10% of mental illness patients seek medical services.  Despite this, HeArt Expresso, want to change how people see the mental illness through art.

HeArt Expresso is a social enterprise that provides a unique and fun “Art Jamming Therapy” service. Art therapy is a process which empowers people through creating art and reflecting on the art products and processes. We help our customers to relieve stress, and at the same time empower people who have recovered from mental illnesses by employing them as facilitators. Through our online channel ”HeArt Cloud and Sales”, we reach out to the public by exhibiting and selling artworks to tell the stories of those who have gone through or are in the process of battling mental illnesses. Our goal is to raise people’s awareness on stress-related mental illnesses, eradicate the stigma and build a more inclusive society.

Team Leader

Wong Hiu Wing, Janice Sue (CUHK)

Team Member

CHAN Kalam, Glenda (CUHK)

LEE Wing Yan, Winnie (CUHK)

Leung King Hei, Cedric(CUHK)


Faculty Advisor
Mr. LAI Hon Wing, John (CUHK)