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Food allergy and intolerance are prevalent in society, especially in young children. Yet, information regarding allergens is largely inadequate. In order to avoid severe allergic reactions from accidental ingestion of allergens, families with food allergy could often only cook at home or go to the few restaurants they had experience with.

We are developing a mobile application that empowers users with specific food allergy or intolerance to make informed decisions on food. The APP is developed on a database that consists of a chemical-ingredient-recipe-restaurant network. Restaurant dishes are categorized down to the ingredient level and cross-referenced with allergy information inputted by individual users.

This mobile application can also act as a promotional platform for restaurants and food producers. By mobilizing the food-allergic population, new business opportunities are opened up, especially for businesses that advocate vegetarianism and allergen-free products. Our APP transforms restaurant menus into accurate allergen information that is tailored to the needs of people with food allergy, as a form of advertisement. On the other hand, restaurants could better understand the needs of these customers from analytical data obtained from the APP, and make corresponding modifications to their recipes. 

We believe that everyone, regardless of health condition, should to able to enjoy diversified meals in a convenient and safe way. In the long run, we hope to expand our menu filtering technology to assist people with other conditions, so that they can gain control over what they eat and how they eat in a scientific way.


Team Leader

WONG Chi Wut (HKU)

Team Member

FUNG Wing Tung (HKU)
KO Tsui Yee Naomi (HKU)
CHO Yu Hin Jeffrey (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. PANG Hei Man Herbert (HKU)