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Web Site: http://www.void.com.hk

Void delivers an affordable and sustainable mental health service. However, our difference is the multi-functional self-help mobile application. This allows Void to deliver  mental health service anywhere and anytime - even within 15 minutes!

Void relieves stress through three main functions: Sleep Quality Improvement, Pressure Relief and Focus Training. Our service is based on the concepts of meditation, hypnosis and psychotherapy.

Void provides three main features: 

  1. Relaxation game: based on the “Ji” concept in Taichi, the game guides users to reach calmness. It comes with a 4(inhale) - 6(hold) - 6(exhale) breathing rhythm, which has been proven to allow people to reach a relaxation state. Also, with the 3D touch technology, the relaxation game can perform pressure optimisation. Users can then reach a relaxed state before they hear the hypnosis recordings. 
  1. Smart wristband: this integrates kinesthetic anchoring with our audio program to achieve an optimal effect. It measures body condition data (eg heartbeat and sleep quality), which users can then use to monitor their progress and improvement. 
  1. Hypnosis recordings: after the wristband records the body condition data (eg heartbeat, force and duration of playing finger exercise), it automatically adjusts the hypnosis recordings for each user by using an adaptive model to match their specific needs. 

We fill a huge void with an affordable and sustainable mental health service.

Anywhere and anytime - even within 15 minutes!


Team Leader

CHAN Kai Ho Hercules (HKUST)

Team Member

CHAN Chi Hin Samuel (HKUST)
LAM Chun Yu Iris (HKUST)
TSANG Ho Kwan Agnes (CityU)
CHOW Lok Hang Polly (HKUST)

​Faculty Advisor
Prof. CHAN Sheung Han Gary (HKUST)