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The problem of aging population and increase in prevalence of chronic illnesses in the elderly surge tremendously. Dementia, mood disorders, hypertension and diabetes (accounting for more than 1 million consultations per year in Hong Kong) are among the most common diseases. However, the current medical focus is on the treatment and rehabilitation after diagnosis. And current screening and evaluation of disease severity, especially mental illnesses, is often a tedious, non-quantitative, time and manpower consuming process. In addition, healthcare service in Hong Kong is inefficient and heavily overloaded with excessive demand.

We aim to provide social values of promoting elderly disease awareness, early detection the elderly diseases to provide prevention or timely treatment, reduction in medical costs and the burden of the medical system

We firmly believe that, people with chronic illnesses, particularly the elderly patients, deserve better medical care. 

Our app uses machine learning, big data to provide a gamified disease screening tool, digital health data profile and personalized medical care.

(Before consultation with a doctor)

  • Games to gather data to predict the risk factors of disease
  • Easily-understood disease and treatment information
  • Online self-help opinions from different sectors of healthcare professionals 

(After consultation with a doctor)

  • Real-time monitoring of health status
  • Personalized health report explaining the disease, the treatment, precautions and lifestyle tips
  • Reminders for medication and follow-up by a chat bot 

Health Maid, your personal help to screen, monitor and intervene elderly chronic illnesses.

*Invited team from “Startup Weekend Hong Kong Silver Society @ Lingnan University”


Team Leader

HUI Tin Ho (PolyU)

Team Member

LI Chak Fung (LU)
TANG Wai Lam (PolyU)

​Faculty Advisor
Office of Service-Learning, Lingnan University