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Hong Kong’s aging population has become a serious problem. In addition, according to government statistics, there were 1,352,800 long-term patients aged 15 years and above. This accounts for 20% of the total population.

With such a large population requiring drugs, it has been inevitable that incidents of sending/taking the wrong drugs has occasionally occurred. This is a major reason for the concept of Treasure.

Simplify technology aims to provide a technical solution to simplify this social problem and improve human life. Treasure is our project to address the problem of medical treatment and an aging population.

Treasure acts as an automated pill manager to prevent problems with storing and dispensing pills. Treasure provides many benefits:

  • stable environment - by controlling environmental factors like humidity, and temperature to prevent contamination
  • real-time information about pill storage at the patient’s home, so doctors can prescribe the correct amount of drugs
  • automatic sorting of pills
  • exact combination of pills dispensed from pill containers at the specified periods
  • timely reminders for patients to take their drugs.

Treasure also acts as a pill risk manager by:

  • recording the times of dispensing the drugs, then notifying the patient and their family
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the drugs and reactions of the patient and then reporting the results to doctors and medical personnel.

By simplifying pill management with Treasure, it really is simple to see how patients and doctors will benefit. Effective pill management will clearly lead to more efficacious medical outcomes.


Team Leader

IAM Wai Yin (CUHK)

Team Member

HUANG Chien Wai (PolyU)
LI Cheuk Man (CUHK)
Nathaniel HO (PolyU)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. TANG Tsz Lung (HSMC)