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In Hong Kong, there are over 300,000 secondary students. However, in order to earn better grades in public exams, over 90% of them go to tutorial classes every day after school.

The tutorial industry has emerged since the 1990s. Unfortunately, in these 20 years, tutorial centers with ever increasing class sizes and tuition fees have done little to improve students' learning effectiveness and there are no alternatives in the market. 

That's why we founded AfterSchool, an online learning community designed for Hong Kong secondary students. Our mission is to create a new learning system that provides students with a "Ten Times More Effective & Ten Times Cheaper" learning experience. 

By uniquely combining learning science, gamification and social elements, we provide students with a highly personalised, flexible, effective and interactive learning experience at just 40% of the market tuition fee. Our community also allows students to learn at their own pace, interact with other students and discuss problems in real time. 

AfterSchool will also create a channel for qualified tutors to publish courses and build a passive income stream. All they need to do is to produce high quality learning materials. AfterSchool will provide the rest, including marketing, packaging and sales. Revenue will be split between tutors and AfterSchool. 

Education is essential. AfterSchool creates a smarter learning ecosystem with unlimited possibilities for our future generation.