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Currently there are 110,000 elderly persons living alone in Hong Kong. Around 80% of them live alone and spend most of their time at home (HKSAR Census and Statistics Department). Therefore, we can see that the lack of on-site care for them is a serious problem. For example, as Sina News reported, in June 2013, an 80-year-old man fell at home and he kept knocking on the door for help. The next day, his neighbors found him, but his health was already at risk.  

This should be of significant alarm for those of us with elderly relatives. Elderly people living alone might encounter accidents due to chronic disease.  But the problem is that they cannot be immediately found or cared for, due to lack of custody. For example, falling is one of those accidents. Research shows that elderly people aged around 65 have a 30% chance of falling, but this rises to 80% for those aged 80.  

Our solution is truly revolutionary! Essentially, we have developed a proactive surveillance and alert system, which provides on-site private care. Our technology respects privacy, enables the automatic detection of emergency cases, and sends an alarm directly to volunteers and hospitals. Another unique innovation is that the elderly do not even need to press any buttons or wear any particular devices. So we want everyone to know about the VCare automated service, which enables cost-effective 24/7 care. With VCare, we ultimately hope every elderly person can live a healthy and safe life.

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HU Yijiu (PolyU)

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CHEN Na (PolyU)

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Dr. SEE-TO Eric (PolyU)