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Minority Integration

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Hong Kong has roughly 92,200 people who have hearing difficulties. This is certainly a sizable number, but are we doing enough to help them communicate with the rest of society?

Only one school exists for deaf people. Only a few NGOs provide services and recreational activities for the hearing-impaired. Only they know how difficult and different life is compared to the rest of us.

However, one activity stands out as being ideal in helping to bridge our divides - dance. In fact, dance has long been a form of communication between people through sharing the same moves and actions. Dance can not only provide entertainment and satisfaction to the hearing impaired, but also act as a platform for both the physically fit and hearing impaired to connect and better understand each other’s world, leading to better social inclusion.

The hearing-impaired cannot hear music, but they can feel the rhythm and beat. Project in Dance are close to producing a sound system that converts the sound wave of music into vibrations, making it easier for the hearing-impaired to feel the rhythm and beat - and therefore dance to it.

Project in Dance seek to provide dance courses for the hearing-impaired and eventually form a professional dance team. We are also planning to hold workshops and seminars in schools, universities or any other societies to allow the physically fit to share the dance experience with the hearing-impaired.

After all, dance is a wonderful way to communicate.

Team Leader
HUEN Yin Fan, Denis (HKU)

Team Member
NGAN Zaroc (HKU)


LAI Yin Chik (HKU)

CHUNG Hiu Nam, Ingrid (HKU)

Faculty Advisor
Dr. WONG Chi Chung (HKU)