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Should I care  about Diabetic Retinopathy?

Perhaps you should. Diabetic retinopathy is the second leading cause of blindness in Hong Kong and over 200 people lose their sight every year.



Could it affect me?

Possibly. One in ten people in Hong Kong have diabetes and this will worsen in the next 20 years. Almost 40% of Diabetes patients develop into Diabetic Retinopathy.


Fast screening solution

Our solution is to develop a Screening Service Network and provide initial screening for diabetic retinopathy. With the new retinal imaging system, patients will experience a fast diagnosis and this will greatly enhance the process efficiency. In the long term, we aim to raise public awareness on diabetic retinopathy and further minimize its harm.


Benefits of early screening

In fact, visual loss can be limited by early detection. Eye screening is the key to diabetes care, since the early-and-medium stages of diabetic retinopathy usually occurs without symptoms or pain. Only through on-going screening, can the condition be caught early.  Early treatment can prevent damage to sight.


Affordable service

In order to increase the affordability of this service, we promise to offer an affordable low price, since everyone should have an equal opportunity to take good care of their eyes. Also, a medical fund will be established to subsidize those who cannot afford to pay for treatment, especially the underprivileged.


Team Leader
YEUNG Tat Man (PolyU)

Team Member
MAN Siu Sum (PolyU)

LIU Ruisi (PolyU)

Faculty Advisor
Dr. LAM Tak Ming (PolyU)