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Before I tell you about our product, I would like to ask if any of you have visually impaired friends? The answer is probably ‘no’. And for visually impaired people, can you guess how many of their friends are sighted? You might guess ‘none’ or just one or two and you would be right. 

Unfortunately, while we have around 40 friends throughout our life, the visually impaired may only have around 10. 

Hopefully, you can now imagine just how much our Visual abilities can enhance or limit our social life. It is also important to note that almost 80% of what we have learnt is acquired through vision. So, you can easily see how difficult it is for the visually impaired to interact with sighted people. But, don’t we all deserve a social life? Someone should do something to change the situation! 

That's why we have developed Animomo - an interactive story telling app with physical toys, that helps visually impaired young children to learn social skills. Unlike existing toys in the market, visual ability won't be a competitive necessity to enjoy the game. Children can role play animals in an adventure story and make decisions at key turning points in the story. With Animomo, all children can play together and build the necessary social skills for a fulfilling life!

Team Leader

LAU Yin Chi (PolyU)

Team Member

YIP Wai Ping (LU)

​Faculty Advisor
Mr. LING Kar Kan (PolyU)