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AntzKnow: The Decentralized Predictive Think Tank

Every day, numerous thoughts emerge in your mind, but most are forgotten and wasted – not because they are worthless, but because we have not identified a mechanism to effectively use them. 

AntzKnow is an online community for thinkers and a decentralized consultancy that uses crowd wisdom to analyze and forecast future macro-level events for clients. AntzKnow platform allows individual users to share info, opinions and forecasts for various predictive questions (e.g. Will China’s birth rate increase in 2018?). Afterwards, based on the real-world outcomes of the events, users are rated and ranked by their prediction accuracy, and gain rewards for accurate predictions. During the process, our proprietary algorithms aggregates individuals’ forecasts to generate a real-time collective prediction, which sciences prove to be more accurate than most individuals. 

AntzKnow platform has two business models related to education and consultation.

  • Predicting real-life events is a learning process that trains advanced info searching, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. AntzKnow platform enables people to learn by predicting, either in high schools, universities or corporations. We charge a subscription fee (SaaS) for this unique eLearning tool.
  • Crowd forecasting is a proven science. After establishing tractions and credibility, AntzKnow will provide consulting service to companies in need of accurate prediction, and share the revenue with contributing forecasters to grow the community organically.

AntzKnow enables individuals to monetize their previously fragmented, wasted individual brainpower, and creates valuable insights for clients. Moreover, AntzKnow cultivates critical thinking skills and promotes futurist awareness among students and the general public, thereby creating substantial social impact.

Team Leader

LIU Yiwen (HKU)

Team Member

DUAN Yawen (HKU)

NAVEED Muhammad Sheheryar (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
Mr. David BISHOP (HKU)