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Hong Kong teens are prone to emotional problems from stress at school and high expectations from parents. Many develop a sense of anxiety, depression or other mood disorders. They are in need of resources for self-identification and awareness as they are the population that lacks the means to self-diagnosis.

We propose a mobile app that reinvents and gamifies the traditional handwritten format of a “Diary”. Diary Fairy is a mobile app that serves as a diary with a simple twist - the diary app engages with the users in the format of brief daily conversations and games, while also implementing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. An Artificial Intelligence chatbot, Fairy, would chat with the users about how they feel and provide help when needed.

By diarizing thoughts and ideas, youths can be made more aware of their mental wellbeing and emotional state. Once they identify the states that leads to feelings of depression or anxiety, they can learn how to avoid such situations. Not only can Fairy provide helpful tips and insights, it can also train users to interpret situations through a more positive lens. Our users may then be able to elevate their mood and feelings by altering their own views.

Fairy’s backend serves as a customer relationship management platform capable of storing a user’s general mood and provide insights to the individuals’ real-time status. Since our users’ privacy is our biggest concern, our app only calls for professional intervention when certain words are triggered.

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HUANG Hou Tse Keegan (University of Toronto)

​Faculty Advisor
Prof. CHAN Wai Kwong Samuel (CUHK)