Facial Express

Minority Integration, Poverty

Web Site: http://facialexpress.hk

FACIAL EXPRESS delivers "Fast Food for your Face!"

We have created a new style of beauty salon providing simple and express facial treatments at  reasonable prices for young adults. This will radically change existing practices in the beauty industry because Facial Express differs from traditional beauty salons. By offering a basic menu of choices and limited interaction during our treatments, we can control the time and cost of facial services. Our competitive edge is clear:

Traditional beauty salons: 

  • Wide range of products and treatments
  • High cost packages - hard sell
  • Expensive brand name products

Facial Express

  • Limited range of products and treatments
  • No packages (pay as you go) – no hard sell
  • Locally-sourced organic products

Facial Express will also benefit our staff. Even though less privileged women in Hong Kong have attended retraining courses to become beauty therapists – many remain unemployed. Unfortunately, traditional beauty salons will not hire them due to their inexperience or failure in hard selling.

However, with FACIAL EXPRESS we plan to offer simpler facial treatments to young adults with simpler needs, but without the need to sell any packages. We intend to help these ladies to maximize their talents – not as sales staff, but as beauty therapists.

Would you:

… welcome beauty treatments with locally-sourced organic products? 
… enjoy a fast no frills service at affordable prices? 
… prefer visiting a socially responsible beauty salon?

Come and enjoy FACIAL EXPRESS - Fast Food for your Face!

Team Leader

HUI Song Yi (CUHK)

Team Member

WONG Mei Kwan (CityU)
HUI Chung Ting (University of Lincoln)
CHIU Man Chung (HKSYU)

​Faculty Advisor
Prof. POON Ka Yeung Larry (CUHK)