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“Design your inspired life”

Every generation of youth holds great potential to bring forth a positive change for society. However, despite their talent they lack in social networks, resources and channels to fulfil their passion or implement their ideas. Given their insufficient knowledge of where and how to start making an impact. They are often limited by platforms offered through university, yet hungry for more opportunities that allow them to have more exposure. Mepro aims to provide a collaboration platform for users: both youth and partners (NGOs, social enterprises and firms’ CSR departments).

For youth, they can sign up on our website to gain access to a variety of activities which are provided by our partners. Students can be either the volunteer or activity organizer in those activities. The implementation process enable students gain more learning experiences. Besides, our partners will provide work feedback to students to make them understand their weaknesses, strengths and potential. For our partners, they can share their job projects with other partners on Mepro platform so that they can gain more resources, cooperation opportunities and solve problems efficiently.

Finally, Mepro also encourage students to initiate their own social ideas, the like minded people or organizations will approach the idea owners and seek chance to work on their project.

With the diverse approaches, we devote to offer youth the opportunity to “design a life they are inspired to live”.

Team Leader

XU Rongfeng Andy (LU)

Team Member

XU Zhenyao Jessie (CityU)
HONG Binghui Gary (LU)
CHENG Kinghei Ethan (LU)

​Faculty Advisor
Mr. OOI Tyan Chyi Nicholas (LU)


*Invited team from “Startup Weekend Hong Kong +ve Ageing @ Lingnan University”