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Under the integrated education scheme, students with special educational needs (SEN) now attend mainstream schools. But have you ever wondered how these students are coping?

It is TOUGH! Schools are unable to provide the individual and in-depth care they need.

Research indicates that 21,000 SEN students are studying in mainstream secondary schools. However, there is a severe shortfall of professional social workers and educational psychologists. Also, teachers, who have had insufficient training, already face heavy workloads.

In light of this, ‘Mindphilos’ is devoted to facilitating better inclusion through launching Mindfulness Programs in the Band 2 mainstream secondary schools of Hong Kong. Through our programs, we build a supportive environment for SEN students and empower them with self-regulation skills. The close monitoring will help relieve the pressure on teachers who struggle to find the time needed to care for their students.

‘Mindphilos’ has thoughtfully arranged 12 programs for schools and students to fulfill their diverse needs. Schools can select from different programs based on their needs or select a customized program.

For example, “ Mindful Eating”, students explore different kinds of food by using as many of their senses as possible. Throughout the activity, they pay mindful attention to their thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations, all of which lead students to eat. Mindfulness is the foundation that we have been missing for overcoming problems in attention, emotions and behaviors. We are deeply convinced that our comprehensive school-based mindfulness programs can enhance SEN students’ overall wellbeing and promote better inclusion in schools.

Team Leader

TSOI Tsz Yuen (EdUHK)

Team Member

WAN Ching Yi Charlotte (EdUHK)
WAN Ah Yee (Sungkyunkwan University SKK GSB)

​Faculty Advisor
LEUNG Kin Sang Taddy (EdUHK)