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‘Papa, why do boys and girls have to wear different swimming suits and go to different toilets?’

‘I just had my first period. What is the correct way of using menstrual pads and cups?’

‘I am afraid that I might be a carrier of sexually transmitted infections (STI), but I don’t want anyone to know before I’m 100% sure. Who should I seek help from?’


In Hong Kong, sex education and STI checking are still not issues that people feel completely comfortable to talk about in daily life. Parents feel embarrassed to answer their children’s’ curiosity, teens turn to the internet to seek information despite the fact that most of them are misleading, there is no way for people to gain reference of their sexual health before official diagnosis.

RedCord is an STI self-checking centre and an app development platform of sexual education for all ages. Through providing testing kits for HIV Combo, syphilis, hepatitis C etc., customers can book regular check-ups for STIs and enjoy a high degree of privacy regarding their test results. Our app offers informative and engaging videos regarding sex-related topics and debunks false conspiracies. There are tailor-made sex education curriculums for various age groups, such as guidelines and stories for parents to teach young children appropriately, and discussion forums for youths to raise questions. We envision Hong Kong to become a place where the topic of STIs is not a taboo, and where sex education is easily accessible and reachable to all.

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Team Member

TSANG Sui Heung Bonnie (HKUST)
HO Nga Ying (CUHK)
WAN Hok Lam (CUHK)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. MAK Kelvin (HKUST)
Prof. CHEN Szu Fan (HKUST)