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“Would you like a copy of your receipt?” No matter whether the answer is “yes” or “no”, the receipt has already been printed, and it will end up in the trash can anyway. However, as receipts are printed on thermal paper, they are not recyclable! One single receipt might seem nothing at all, but many a little makes a mickle. What about billions or even trillions of receipts printed and then discarded every year? In Hong Kong, more than 1.2 billion receipts are printed each year, this generates over 30 million pounds of waste.

Reduceipt (REduCEIPT 惜據) gets to the root to solve the problem of traditional receipts create. We want to help the earth by reducing all the toxic receipts produced every day. REduCEIPT is not just an app. It is a standardized system that gathers e-receipts from different stores. During payment, all you need to do is use REduCEIPT to scan the QR code, receipts will then be uploaded to the cloud and the app within seconds!

Features of REduCEIPT

  • E-receipt
  • Green-ceipt certificate for partnered shops
  • P2P encryption for customers’ privacy
  • Cloud storage for collecting receipts
  • Automatic and standardized expense tracker (all shop receipts)
  • Every 10,000 receipts saved, we plant a tree (50,000 receipts can use up an entire tree)

Team Leader

LAM Yung Ki (EdUHK)

Team Member

NG Kwan Ting (EdUHK)
LI King Yiu (HKUST)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. TANG Tzu Lung Felix (HSU)