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“You don’t stop laughing when you grow old. You grow old when you stop laughing”

- George Bernard Shaw


 Being active | Keeping busy | Staying connected | Feeling secure | Making impact


These are core needs of happiness. Vocation has been the provider of these needs. However, retirement creates a sense of uncertainty as happiness is threatened.

SilverLining is an interactive platform where the silver-haired community can join interest groups, participate in events and discussions, and create events. The platform connects senior citizens with organisations and experts operating in their areas of interests. SilverLining aspires to promote active aging by addressing the above needs with its unique features.

Being active. SilverLining, through its corporate partnerships, provides senior citizens with access to information on interest based events. User friendly interface encourages participation.
Keeping busy. The platform empowers senior citizens to create and organise events. This provides opportunities to stay engaged and to pursue their interests with increased vigour.
Staying connected. SilverLining is designed around discussions. Clutter-free discussion boards specific to interest groups and events entice senior citizens to post sharing thus enabling them to establish connections.
Feeling secure. SilverLining intends to bring in experts to guide senior citizens towards a healthy and financially secure life.
Making impact. SilverLining allows NGOs to post volunteering vacancies and part-time jobs thus providing avenues to make impact.

SilverLining is an effort to nudge the silver-haired community to continue staying active and healthy by creating a common pool of resources and a community around it.

“You Engage, We Connect”


Team Leader

IU Sze Wing (CUHK)

Team Member

GADDE Sarath Chandra (CUHK)
MULYASAKTI Bintang Mahendra (CUHK)

​Faculty Advisor
Prof. Carlos LO (CUHK)