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Storylab = Story + Laboratory

Storylab is an ambitious inter-disciplinary project to connect the generations through the life stories of the elderly.

Storylab’s job is to find the “chemistry” to connect the generations not just among family members, but for the whole of society. By collecting and experimenting with different life stories, from the perspectives of education and entertainment, we can transform the stories into digital human libraries and novels. Anyone can learn and be amused about the life stories from the elderly. As a result, we can preserve the inheritance of our traditions and the heritage of our local history.

We provide two services: Elducator and Eldventure. In addition, we formed a content development division - The Lab.

Elducator stories (subscription service)
“Digital human library” with a vast collection of life stories for liberal education. This service is a school-based subscription service with a fixed annual fee. Subscriptions allow unlimited access to the library and students can interact with the author through this platform.

Eldventure stories (free edutainment service)
Platform based on life stories. Eldventure transforms special stories into digital light novels. This provides the general public with amusement and allows them to learn local history with fun. This service will be financed by online advertisements.

The Lab
Promotes, identifies and develops interesting and popular life stories into other media like physical books and microfilm. This division generates revenue by licensing the life stories.

Our team wish to draw people of different generations together through the means of life story-telling.

Team Leader

NGAI Ka Tung (Coventry University)

Team Member

FUNG King Hei (VTC)
LAW Cheuk Lam (VTC)
HO Chung Ngai (VTC)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. FU Tak Chung (VTC)