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Veri News is an educational tool committed to cultivating media literacy alongside users’ daily news consumption in the digital age.

Our team of 3 Deweyan journalism students see media literacy as the entry point to transforming the currently distorted media consumption practices under the prevalence of misinformation and disinformation.   We see media illiteracy—individual’s inability to critically evaluate and analyse the endless stream of information they receive—the precondition amongst other intertwined stimuli of the distorted media scene where the quality of information and authority of facts decline. 

In light of the many efforts fighting mis/disinformation, Veri News sets her path to publicise and popularise media education via the provision of a diversity of quality journalism that parallels users’ daily news consumption.  The team aspires to join-in the existing fact-checking and media education initiatives with a mass of readers who are unaware of such efforts through a browser add-on.  Our tool makes it possible for media professionals to visualise their daily critical process dissecting any articles, and integrate these insights to an interactive news annotation services.

When subscribers read our articles, they will find professional annotations side-by-side, point-to-point on the articles subscribers are reading, Veri News introduces subscribers to a collection of crucial minds and thought-process of the professional contributors when dissecting a piece, to debunk mis/disinformation and education critical readership simultaneously.

Equipped with media literacy, not only will our subscribers be immune to the manipulation of fake news, they’d also ultimately demand better information and quality journalism – hence reduce the clicks (demand) of poor-quality information, thus in the long run, the supply of it.

Team Leader

SHEA Sze Ying (CUHK)

Team Member

NG Wing Yee (CUHK)
CAO Jia Yuan (CUHK)

​Faculty Advisor
Prof. TSUI Lok Man (CUHK)