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  1. When was the last time you had a breakfast?
  2. When was the last time you had a healthy breakfast?
  3. What percentage of people in Hong Kong go without breakfast each day?

A healthy breakfast is always a good idea. But only 54% of Hong Kong citizens go without breakfast each day.

When we go without a healthy breakfast, this leads to serious health problems. If you are too busy, but still want to be healthy, a great solution is: breakFAST.

breakFAST is a product which cares for your health in a special way: providing you with a healthy and customized breakfast every day. Customers start by completing a questionnaire, which is designed according to a widely accepted table: the food frequency table. Customers then enter their personal information (e.g. age, height, weight), target (e.g. reduce stress, lose weight, get better sleep), living habits (e.g. food frequency, screen time and workout time) and health condition (e.g. allergy, lactose intolerance, hypertension).

By collecting this information, we can easily find what nutrients our customers lack. Then, we will add the corresponding ingredients to their breakfasts. For example, if our customer lacks protein, we will include more fish. The next month, we provide a new diagnosis for our customers and offer a different breakfast according to their dietary needs.

To conclude, breakFAST provides you with a personalized healthy breakfast according to your information and specific requirements. It’s time to enjoy your healthier life with breakFAST!

Team Leader
CHEN Yuhui (LU)

Team Member

LIU Shenjun (LU)
PAN Xuyan (LU)
ZHAO Sikun (LU)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. Ir. HO Rosiah Wing (LU)


*Invited team from “Startup Weekend HK Social Impact Lingnan University”