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Devastating damage to mentally ill patients is caused by misdiagnosis and wrong medications - affecting over 65% of patients annually. Mental illness, unlike other chronic illnesses, can send patients down a dark journey to suffer in silence and lose hope. However, in the Hong Kong public sector, patients only receive an average of 4 minutes of psychiatric consultation time. This forces doctors to risk patients’ safety and sacrifices the quality of treatment – potentially putting the patient, their carer and others in great danger.

Mental Link is a mobile app linking doctors and patients for effective and efficient consultations. The app aims to fully utilise the limited consultation time without sacrificing patient safety or quality of care.

The app benefits both psychiatrists and patients with helpful functions and intuitive patient history interfaces. Mental Link resolves the problem of providing psychiatric care within a limited time. The key benefits are:

For Patients

For Patients

Easy to use: guided clinical questions for doctors to accurately diagnose

Personal guide: gives clear guidance on clinical questions for informed decisions.

Personalised insights: create awareness of their condition to aid recovery process.

No shame recording: avoids embarrassment of sharing patients’ moods and feelings. This is personal, but crucial to allow doctors to understand and treat patients.

Privacy setting: choose who has access.

Professional Statistics Analysis Report: faster easier access to patient’s progress

Faster understanding: analysis of patient’s conditions

Faster and safer diagnosis: allowing for medication adjustments.

Clinical features: mood trend, diary, medication compliance, effects and side effects

Team Leader
LEUNG On Ting (University of Queensland)

Team Member

LAU Yu Yeung (HKU)
WONG Kwok Wai (CityU)
LEUNG Bok Man (London School of Economics)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. LAI Chuk Ling Julian (CityU)