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The housing shortage and tiny flats notoriously impact Hong Kong. Also, the median monthly wage is only HK$16,200 (Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department 2016). Around 200,000 individuals live in ‘sub-divided flats’ and half of these individuals are still waiting for a government flat. Young people desperately need alternatives for accommodation.

Several co-living residences have been established to accommodate the housing needs of young people. However, the rent for a single room can still remain unaffordable at up to HK$8,000.

As a tenant, finding partners with similar lifestyles and interests can be challenging. Also, since the rental partnership is fixed and obligatory, it is almost impossible to withdraw from the contract if something goes wrong. This makes the partner-seeking process difficult and risky.

As a landlord, it can be equally challenging to know your tenants when leasing the flat. The history of the tenant is not transparent and so both parties may have risk with disputes when signing a rental agreement.

The Living Academics is an online platform that groups sandwich class young adults with similar characteristics and habits co-living in a large apartment, but at only a fraction of the market rent. We aim to mitigate the housing problem and build communities that help young adults grow. Landlords can upload the estate information and requirements online. Tenant applicants are processed and then matched according to the algorithm and database to optimize the living outcome. Community events, classes and volunteering programs will be organized for the residents of our homes.

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HON Chun Him (HKU)
Jackie LEUNG (HKU)
LAU Wing Lam Kathy (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. Michael CHAU (HKU)