Heart to Heart 心•照

Youth, Public Health

Web Site: http://hearttoheart.hk

When facing mental issues, we understand it can be difficult to pour your heart out to others. In fact, when encountering adversities and mental issues, only 1% teenagers are willing to express themselves.

“Heart to Heart” is a meaningful lifestyle brand that connects people who are aware of mental wellbeing and the opportunities for them to take the actual step to care about others’ mental health. It is a series of gifts designed by people who have battled through mental health issues.

We start the conversation by admitting and expressing our own mental state. With our product, we encourage people to talk about their mental health, to take the initiative to care about others, and to be part of us to drive a positive and powerful change to society. We aim to overcome the stigma and misunderstanding against mental illness.

Heart to Heart is a brand of products, but we also aim to become a mobilizer in mental health advocacy. We aspire to combat the current misunderstanding about mental wellbeing by providing a true understanding through our online and offline campaigns.

We understand that mental issues are always a taboo that is so hard to admit and discuss. However, at the same time, we understand you care about mental wellbeing as much as we do. We stand with you in the face of negative thoughts. Join us and from the bottom of your heart tell others. Let’s TALK about mental health!

Team Leader

Team Member

MA Man Lok (HKU)
YIP Alvin Cheuk Sing (HKU)
LAI Tsz Yung (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
WONG Paul Wai Ching (HKU)