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Digital technology has transformed the way society works, interacts and transacts in ways that go beyond automation. And now that society has had a taste of the simplicity and ease of digital here and there, they will demand it in every corner of life.

Paititi strives to digitalize and gamify fundraising for charities in Hong Kong in order to minimize administrative cost and maximise public donations for worthwhile causes. We aim to engage corporate partners and individual donors through game and collection-based donation challenges to revolutionize the current donation experience.

Through a fun and gamified donation experience for the general public, we can help non-profits raise funds digitally. After downloading our tailored mobile application, users can search, discover and scan QR codes located in different partner stores and spots across Hong Kong. Each QR code represents a limited-edition badge created by popular illustrators or with partner licensed cartoon characters - each of them represents a charitable project initiated by a charitable organisation. Users can then collect badges by paying varying amounts corresponding to the scarcity. They can use the mobile application to track the collection progress of each package and the fundraising status of each project. Users can then unlock achievements and titles by collecting a certain amount of badges or consistently supporting specific causes.

Team Leader
WONG Yee Fong (CUHK)

Team Member

LI Ka Chiu David (The Georgia Institute of Technology)

​Faculty Advisor
CHEE Swee Fu Jonathan (CUHK)