Free Periods HK

Minority Integration, Public Health

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Free Periods HK is the only group in Hong Kong providing support to low-income women through the supply of free sustainable menstrual products. The group is supported by experienced individuals from Happeriod, MenstruAction, MissMaMa and M Cup M Stuff, 4 groups that highlight the issue of menstrual stigma in Hong Kong since as early as 2014.

We realise that in Hong Kong, there are menstruators (especially low-income groups) who lack menstrual health knowledge. As a result, in order to save money, they sacrifice the quality of the menstrual products they use or even intentionally reduce the frequency of changing for clean menstrual products. Unfortunately, using menstrual products beyond the suggested time of use can lead to issues with menstrual hygiene and various potential health threats.

Free Periods HK advocates a unique Buy 1 Give 1 distribution model of free sustainable menstrual products. We also collect public donations of money and menstrual products, organise menstrual education workshops and train menstrual education ambassadors. Through connecting menstruators from different social backgrounds and supplying free menstrual products to those in need, we set out to relieve the mental, physical and financial burdens on low-income groups caused by period poverty and raise public awareness on period poverty.

Team Leader
CHAN Yuk Lam (PolyU)

Team Member

FUNG Lok Hang (HKU)
LI Wang Kei (HKUST)
WONG Tin Yau (PolyU)

​Faculty Advisor
K.K. LING (PolyU)


*Invited team from “Good Seed”