Dosha Woodcraft

Environmental Friendly, Upcycling

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DOSHA Woodcraft is a local wood upcycling company. Our team includes 5 product designers and we will offer different types of furniture and home products for customers.

Our story begins with an upcycling project after the Typhoon Mangkhut (颱風山竹). DOSHA members tried to collect and produce new products with disposed wood. This experience proved that wood disposal can provide the raw material for production. Unfortunately, the wood recycling rate in Hong Kong is less than 1%. However, disposed wood can be the raw material for furniture making, thus reducing the demand for cutting down more trees.

Currently, the public has an understanding of green life and carbon footprint. At the same time, Hong Kong is a high-density city and everyone needs to optimize the use of the floor space in their home. Therefore, by designing "Lego Furniture", a series of DIY concept wood furniture, customers can meet this need by offering specific units for customers to create the stylish furniture of their wishes.

Flexible, eco-friendly, stylish and meaningful furniture is a great idea for people and nature. All wood has their own life and own experience, and everyone can save wood from being disposed into landfills.

From a broader perspective, DOSHA Woodcraft’s aims to save trees and increase the wood recycling rate in Hong Kong. At the same time, we hope our products will lead users to share the story behind the furniture and let our lives influence thinking and save trees.

Team Leader
YU Yen Chu (THEi)

Team Member

KAN Mei Mei (THEi)
CHAN Wai Lam (THEi)
JIANG Xiaoqiao (THEi)

​Faculty Advisor
CHAN Sze Long  (THEi)