Youth, Public Health

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At Hollo, we have several core beliefs that we hold true at the crux of our company which drives our desire to create social impact. We believe in the ability of AI and Data to change industries around the world; but we also believe in the power of human connection. We empower these ideals through the use of AI Language Processing and Data Analytics; supporting the existing offline practices and bridging it with our online services. At Hollo, we’ve focused our talents towards creating a smart solution for NGOs, their counsellors, and the youth. We’ve created an all-encompassing business model that resolves the pain points of all our stakeholders - listening, supporting, and guiding them with our ultimate prevention companion.

The world is facing one of the most prevalent threats to livelihood: suicide and self-harm are currently and will continue (by WHO estimates) to be within the top 20 causes of death in the world until 2030. The situation within Asia has not been slowing down, with the WHO estimating that deaths from self-harm will rise from eleventh to the ninth leading cause of death by 2030.

At Hollo, we’re collaborating not only with clinical professionals and experienced practitioners, but also with university professors with their latest technology and findings. We believe with our sustainable business model we can make long lasting change. With every dollar that Hollo makes, we are devoted to multiplying our social impact, beginning with the mental health industry.

Team Leader
Cameron Xavier VAN BREDA (HKU)

Team Member

Sirilux LAW (HKU)
CHAU Ching Kiu Keith (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. LAW Rocky Chau Sing (HKU)