Minority Integration, Mobile App

Web Site: http://WeVoicePlus.hk

Visually impaired people, especially those of higher education and ability, do not want to be disconnected from the outside world or left behind. They want to live normal day to day lives as other people do, but need assistance from time to time. For example, they want to know whether the color of their shirt matches their jacket, identify the verification code on the computer screen when they need to sign in a webpage, or read the expiration date on food packages when they shop in supermarkets. In many circumstances, there is no one nearby to offer them help. They need help from people who are willing and available to support them.

There are many passionate people who want to be involved in volunteer activities, but they might not have enough time to do so. Conventional volunteer work requires people to devote half or even a whole day at a designated time and venue. As a result, these activities are not flexible. If there is a way that volunteers can help people at any time and place when they are available, it would make the activity much easier to join.

WeVoice+ aims to build a worldwide community consisting of volunteers and the visually impaired. In this project, a mobile app will be developed to allow visually impaired users to take pictures and send it to a group of volunteers, where available volunteers can describe the picture back to the user via voice message.

Team Leader
SIU Kai Wing (HKU)

Team Member

NG Chi Hong (HKU)
CHAN Che Cheung (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
TANG Laurence Yat Long  (HKU)