VR/AR, Elderly

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“From Aging to Reviving” is what we would like to achieve. Since we believe the aging population can represent new opportunities if the youth can be connected to the seniors through social contribution and a sustainable business model.

To begin with, it is notable that Pfizer stopped research into potential pharmacological treatments for dementia in 2018 and the latest dementia drug gaining FDA approval was Memantine in 2003. Despite this, we believe non-pharmacological intervention for treating dementia is a potential key to achieve medical breakthroughs.

We use the Sensager VR dementia rehab system, which is designed to promote “Aging in Place” through integrative medicine enabled by Gerontechnology. Interestingly, this multi-sensory form of stimulation rehab is an existing therapy with proven efficacy. Hence, by digitalizing the stimulation using VR, the cost of therapy can be reduced significantly – much cheaper than a custom-built Snoezelen Room. In addition, the treatment can easily be customized and the venue is not fixed to any single location.

We are a social enterprise partnering with the Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine (HKIIM) from CUHK. The HKIIM will support the clinical studies for accruing evidence for the efficacy and safety of the Sensager rehab system. Furthermore, the development and operation of the system is led by a team with the relevant industry expertise.

Finally, both the caregivers and patients can be taken care of with the advancement of gerontechnology providing convenience in terms of tracking and sharing the stress.

Team Leader
SO Kwun Laam (CUHK)

Team Member

SO Kwun Pong (J. F. Oberlin University)
WIDARTO Winson (Australian National University)

​Faculty Advisor
Prof. AU Kevin Yuk-fai (CUHK)