Minority Integration

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There are an increasing number of children being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They are receiving support, but challenges remain. Public training service is considerably restricted in efficacy because of limited frequency and the primary focus on specific symptoms. It’s saddening that most children with ASD lack social support and employment opportunities when they grow up. Parents also struggle with the relationship with their child, and with evaluating the effectiveness of potential supplementary remedies.

At Neurodyssey, we believe in the talents of every child. We guide potential development with tailored programs that attend to children’s special needs. Parents are invited to be their companion and utilize our product to “connect and empower in a whole new way”.

The odyssey begins with identifying the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Brain functioning characteristics will be assessed by gamified, research validated tools on an app. A set of tailored training will also be developed based on the child’s profile.

The navigation continues with app-based training available 24/7. Parents and children will jointly take part in the research validated training of cognitive and emotional functions with twists added for playability (e.g. competitive components). The training connects parents and children with in-task directions that foster quality communication.

The program extends to life-planning. User data will reveal an individual’s skill-set inclination. Our career service includes inclination analysis and corresponding training (e.g. photography) to help children realize their potential.

With such a pathway, we connect and empower parents to “connect and empower in a whole new way”.

Team Leader
SIU Yat Fan (CUHK)

Team Member

TSUI Wai Man (HKU)
WONG Yuet Tung Chloe (HKSYU)
CHEUNG Wing Tung Vince (University College London)

​Faculty Advisor
Dr. HUI Bryant P H (HKU)