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Youth unemployment has become a worldwide phenomenon where many youngsters find it difficult to make the transition from school to work. With technological advancement, the labor market has been shaped into one which is more cost-conscious, volatile, knowledge-based and constantly changing. Young people with less work experience, job skills and career advice are more vulnerable to unemployment.

With an aim to solve this global social issue, Foster Worldwide has launched the first-ever Virtual Global Internship Program in Hong Kong. Youngsters will be offered an internship with an overseas company, as well as online vocational training and career guidance from Foster Worldwide and their supervisors. Upon completion of their internship, they will have not only a recommendation letter, but also an evaluation report on their work performance. Underprivileged students with outstanding performances will even receive scholarships.

Such a valuable virtual internship opportunity allows young talents to gain overseas exposure, equip themselves with future skills and extend the professional network in a much affordable and flexible way.

Since 2014, we have successfully collaborated with more than 170 companies from over 60 countries and cities to provide placement and training to 5000 youths worldwide to boost their employability. Our partners include corporates (Wluper - London (Forbes 30 Under 30), Strategy Sprints GmbH - Vienna (Forbes 30 Under 30)), universities and NGOs – One Young World and United Nations Global Compact.

To take it one step further, Foster Worldwide strives to provide quality career education and virtual global internships and mentorship opportunities by leveraging educational technology.

Team Leader
MAK Wing Yan (CUHK)

Team Member

Dr. MING Wai Kit (HKU)
OUYANG Shaoming (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
Prof. NG Wai Lung Billy (CUHK)