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What supplies do you need to survive when there is a pandemic like Covid-19? Apart from medical supplies, the top priorities are always food and water. Unfortunately, the world is facing food shortages and food prices have been surging.

Yet where does Hong Kong stand in terms of food security?

Surprisingly, in terms of the Food Vulnerability Index, Hong Kong ranks on par with developing countries like Kenya and Kazakhstan (Nomura, 2019) - countries facing hunger and malnutrition. This is not because of the size of Hong Kong. We are 1.5 times bigger than Singapore in size, but Singapore is ranked at the same level as Australia, Canada and the United States in terms of food security. A food crisis is already the most vital problem for the whole world, but it can be especially fatal for Hong Kong. 

We, Farm Locally, have a solution to rescue Hong Kong from this crisis. Farm Locally aims to provide locally grown fresh vegetables by smart urban farming. We have pioneered a patent pending design of indoor hydroponic smart farm controlled by AI software system to enable “Farm Anyone Anywhere”. With our smart urban farming system, agricultural expertise, labour input, and geographical limitation will no longer be a problem for Hong Kong’s farming.

Our smart urban farms are insulated from natural hazards to guarantee the food supply under whatever circumstances.  Our innovative smart farm will enable Hong Kong to achieve the “three S” mission - food SECURITY, food SAFETY, and environmental SUSTAINTABILITY.

Team Leader
CHAN Edwin Yat Wang (Centennial College)

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​Faculty Advisor
Prof. CHAN Wai (CUHK)