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We are a group of enthusiastic students who believe protecting the environment doesn’t need to be all that “niche”. It is in the little things we do on a day-to-day basis that makes a difference, like what we choose to purchase and how we choose to eat. So, instead of asking, what are novel solutions that have never been done before; we ask, how can we transform something we routinely do to an activity which can have a significant impact on the environment?

The answer is in what we do. We partner with different retailers to reduce local food waste by redistributing surplus edible food products across local communities at lower prices using vending machines.

Products normally sit on the shelf or in a warehouse waiting for someone to discover them. However, with vending machines, these products become instantly visible and accessible to everyone walking past them. The ease of contact also makes it easier for people to transition from a mere passerby to an environmental change agent.

Select, pay, and collect.

Just three simple steps to ensure every purchase becomes a contribution for a better environment.

Daily decisions to make a difference should be easy and safe. We will ensure that we never compromise on food quality and we always provide quality food. Therefore, our vending machines are equipped with sensors designed to monitor the risk factors in the environment and to capture early signs of deterioration in food quality.

*Invited team from “Startup Weekend Climate Change @ Lingnan University”

Team Leader
CAI Yunsheng (HKUST)

Team Member

LEE Cheung Yu (HKUST)
YIP Ka Yu (LU)
ZOU Shiqi (LU)

​Faculty Advisor
Nicholas OOI (LU)