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AzadiFood (Free Society from Wasting Food)

Save Space, Reduce Waste, Protect the environment, Empower the underprivileged

AzadiFood is a green startup aiming to provide a community-driven crowdsourced platform designed to maximize the efforts of all sectors in society towards reducing food waste, changing mindsets on ways to consume food and determining what is safe to eat.

Both suppliers and consumers save money while reducing food waste through this open platform that directly connects the suppliers of perishable or soon-to-expire food to bargain hunting consumers. AzadiFood can achieve this by offering a uniquely engaging community network which provides real-time location of nearby products for instant purchase, a leaderboard to plot users’ monetary savings, and their contribution to saving the environment.

AzadiFood strives to adapt and improve upon best practices overseas while harnessing local underprivileged ethnic minorities (EM) as employees and service users to build a community culture of food sustainability action. We empower all to think outside-the-box while complementing and cooperating with existing Social Enterprises, NGOs and government programs. This market niche is largely untapped, with value to attract a loyal customer base through a reward system that will also enhance community spirit and volunteerism.

This unique problem-solution fit results in saving food that is safe to eat from filling landfills while offering huge savings to low-income locals and reducing the negative impact of food waste on the environment

Spend less, Waste less, Support your local EM!

*Invited team from “Startup Weekend Climate Change @ Lingnan University”

Team Leader
Luisa Tan CASTRO (EdUHK)

Team Member

Daoud Kamal ABUKHALEEL (University of the People)
Muhammad Waseem YOUNAS (HKBU)

​Faculty Advisor
Nicholas OOI (LU)