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Carbonbase is a HK-based climate change software company that helps individuals and corporates to measure their environmental footprint, reduce CO2 emissions, and co-create a better planet together. Our vision is to help Hong Kong reach its Carbon Neutral by 2050 goal by helping connect and reward businesses and individuals for taking climate action.

Carbonbase is building a technology solution ecosystem to align business and consumers to more emission awareness with increased resources targeted at solving the climate crisis. This ecosystem includes:

  1. Carbon mapping and management software– building a platform to cheaply allow companies to understand the sources of their emissions and their responsibilities, and measure scope 1-3 carbon emissions to internal and external stakeholders, and connect with green-financing solutions to receive money 
  2. Consumer engagement platform – website allows engage individuals to calculate their personal emissions, offset their own emissions to earn rewards, and connect with company's climate accomplishments. 

Carbonbase's larger goal is to help empower SMEs and individuals in HK have affordable actions to climate change. We help companies calculate and reduce their emissions, and facilitate them to receive green finance funding, helping them pass on their savings and services to the end consumer. Our two initial verticals are real estate developers and maritime shipping companies. In the long run, we want to build more transparent supply chain, where every product in the future will display its end-to-end carbon emissions, enabling more conscious consumption by empowering the citizens to align their purchase with carbon neutral goals.

Team Leader

Team Member

ZHANG Jiang (University of California, Berkeley)
Ashmita ROY (HKU)

​Faculty Advisor
Prof. Kira MATUS (HKUST)